Karate is great for fitness,Self Confidence,Stamina & Low Esteem.

Karate is for everyone Male & Female, you don’t have to be fit or strong to start learning karate.

Any age and Ability welcome from 5 years  and upwards.

We usually only take kids from the age of five years and upwards, but in exceptional cases we will take them from ***4   years old if we feel they are ready.****

We usually grade every three months, we would advise the students if they are ready for there next grade.

There is also variety of other competition which the students may enter if they would like to.

We thrives on seeing students exceed and gain knowledge.


    CWR Karate Club are members of the E.K.O (English Karate Organisation)

    Please feel free to use the contact page to contact us with any further

    question or additional information required.